Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Face Tattoo

To celebrate being released from a mental hospital, Gucci Mane got a giant face tattoo of a three-scoop ice cream cone with lightning bolts shooting out of it and the word "Brrr." But why?

To be clear, the above sentence is not parody: Gucci Mane had himself declared mentally incompetent after being arrested driving on the wrong side of the road. He went to the loony bin, then got out, and he'll be back in court at the end of January. He has yet to explain the tattoo, which an employee at the tattoo parlor announced on Twitter. Here are our theories:
  • He would like to be declared crazy again.
  • He wandered by a fairground and found himself strangely jealous of the children with kittens and butterflies painted on their cheeks.
  • He's styling himself as the softer, sweeter version of Ice Cube. (Apparently lyrics in "So Icy" and his version of "C.R.E.A.M." might actually support this theory.)
  • He likes it when you lick his face.
  • He is coming to terms with a rare birth defect that gave him a three testicles. The three scoops represent his testes; the cone, his striated penis; "Brrr" a metaphor for the chilling loneliness his self-consciousness creates.
  • It's cool.
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Dove Tattoo Designs

Dove Tattoos Designs

With a dove tattoos design think about how you want to incorporate the dove with the overall tattoo design. A dove all by itself just sitting there or flying will look rather plain. If you are planning on a memorial tattoo you might want to include the name and date of the person you are memorializing. As a symbol for peace you might want to include an olive branch or other design additions to the dove. Words can also be used effectively with dove tattoo designs to enhance the message and symbolism of the tattoo.

Dove Tattoos Placement

Dove tattoos are small enough and not so intricate or detailed that they can fit in many places including rather small locations. So a dove can work for as a shoulder or hip tattoo. It can also be done as a lower back, forearm, wrist, or foot tattoo. The possibilities are pretty endless with dove tattoo designs since they are very flexible in their design.

If you are considering getting a dove tattoo think first about what you want the dove to symbolize and then work from there to add any other design elements. Also seek out the help of a professional tattoo artist to help you render the final design for the dove tattoos.

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Thigh Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish tattoo are more popular among women then man because of its delicate and beautiful design. In Japanese mythology Koi are typically thought to swim up stream against the current. They are often associated with perseverance in adversity and can make a great tattoo with a very deep meaning. They are therefore now attracted more men to get koi fish tattoo.

As Koi fish can make a beautiful tattoo with lots of bright color and large splashes of blue water that can become a very flowing and artistic tattoo, most women tend to get koi fish tattoos on arms, thighs, and even on the side of their stomachs. Men tend to get koi fish tattoos on their back, shoulders, calf or upper thigh. The large koi fish tattoos need to take up the entire back. It is another reason why many men are starting to get such fish. They can also make a great full sleeve design with the water and koi fish twisting around the arm or leg.

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Hip Tattoo - Sparrow Tattoo on Hip

Hip is one of the best tattoo placement, especially for girls. Sparrow tattoo on hip is good choise. Being that the sparrow is one of the only birds that mates for life, it’s a good choice for any female to know that a feathered friend will stand or fly by you through thick and thin.
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Koi Fish Tattoo and Meaning

As far as the symbolism with the koi fish tattoo is concerned it is supposed to act as a good luck charm. The particular meaning attached to the koi fish is relative to the environment in which it is found. The koi fish in the wild generates a different feeling than the ones in the pond. Their Chinese counterparts on the other hand have a very generalized interpretation regarding the image of the koi fish.

The wide range of koi fish tattoos has different meanings. For example a koi fish tattoo design with the fish moving against the stream is a symbolic representation of strength. This is because in life it takes a lot of guts to face the tide that fate has to unfold for you. In other cases the koi fish also represents perseverance or victory that has been achieved over a struggle.

Another symbolic meaning that koi fish tattoos have for the masses is that of independence. This perception is more influenced by the west where going against the norm of society is a thing to be celebrated. The koi tattoo shows the wearers pride in being the odd one out and not caring about the opinions of others. Basically the koi fish becomes a very personal message that people try to put out for others to see.

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girl with dragon tattoo

Dragon Tattoo on Girl Shoulder
Dragon Tattoo with full color on girl shoulder
Tattoo Dragon on Girl's Back
Tribal Dragon Tattoo on girl's Back
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