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Two good ideas for starting the search for the perfect tattoo are to either look online for tattoo galleries, or check out the local tattoo parlors for ideas. Some websites have sections for free tattoo designs that you can print out and show to local tattoo artists to work with. There are also websites with pages and pages of images of tattoos people have already gotten so you can pick something that you know can look good as a tattoo.

At the base of it, tattoos are most effective when they are meaningful in a long-standing way. Most tattoos that end up getting surgically removed involve lovers' names, and most people know not to get tattoos about movies they've seen recently. It might be advantageous to get a demo-tattoo drawn on your skin and wear it around for a few days or more to let the design grow on you. If you get bored with it after a while, it may be a good idea to pick something different.

If you're struggling, think of what kind of theme or idea you're trying to express with the tattoo. Decide if you're looking for something cute and feminine, masculine and tough, something funny or cartoony, something interesting, unique, or just plain you. It's a tough thing to narrow down, but talking to friends and looking at specific tattoo galleries might help in the process.

After you pick the right tattoo, decide -- if you haven't already -- where you want to put it. Remember that placing a tattoo on a spot with a lot of bone can hurt more than just about anywhere else, and also remember that if you're thinking about getting a tattoo on your feet, you will need to be more careful during the healing process or else your tattoo will not stay looking as good as it did when it was first finished.

Take the time to pick what you're going to get before you get it. And please -- think very, very, very hard before getting that tattoo with your girlfriend or boyfriend's name on it. A beautiful design with your childrens' names is one thing. But who knows if that boyfriend or girlfriend is going to stick around in the long run. So unless you've got a few spare thousand to potentially get that name removed, think very, very carefully. Click image to enlarge, enjoy!

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Kevin Durant Tattoos

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant is typically considered to be one of the most likable players in the NBA, a humble kid who just happens to be blessed with unreal ability on the court. For a league with past stars like Allen Iverson that rubbed some fans the wrong way, Durant represents someone with broad appeal. Oh, and it's also commonly believed that he has no tattoos, if that matters to you.

It turns out that last part isn't entirely accurate. As you can see in the photo above, taken during a recent promotional trip to China, Durant's torso is covered in ink (via TBJ). Like most of today's NBA players, he likes tattoos. Unlike them, he doesn't get them on parts of the body that can be seen easily while he plays basketball.

After the jump, check out the first hint we got of Durant's tattoos in a photo from Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals vs. the Memphis Grizzlies. From the looks of things, he's added at least one tattoo since then.

If you look closely, the Washington Nationals-styled "W" on Durant's stomach looks like a new addition. Durant's from the D.C. area, so this one is probably a way of showing some pride in his hometown. Also, in case you're wondering, the names "Barbara" and "Wanda" on his chest are references to his grandmother and mother, respectively, the women who raised him.

It's tempting to say that Durant is trying to hide his tattoos to appeal to a larger market of fans, but it's possible that he just prefers to put tattoos on his torso and not his extremities. Plus, we've reached a point as basketball fans where tattoos are not an automatic sign of a thug. They're perfectly normal and a common feature of the league's most popular players. LeBron James is covered in tattoos, but any marketing issues he has are tied to his lack of a championship, not the belief that he's a gang member. That point of view is thankfully a thing of the past.

Whatever the case, Durant's tattoos prove that he's not the squeaky clean figure many people make him out to be. As I've said before, he has an edgy streak. He has a lot more in common with the rest of the NBA than many people are willing to admit.
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Tattoo Removal - Laser Tattoo Removal

While laser tattoo removal can remove virtually any tattoo, the best & dependable procedure to see your candidacy for this laser tattoo removal procedure is to schedule a free consultation with a local tattoo removal expert & so far, there are now hundreds of tattoo removal centers that are all around the country. With a highly reputable clinic, you can drop by & visit a bona fide laser specialist that will examine your tattoo to make the necessary steps for its removal. Trying to examine your tattoo & determining if you’re qualified for the laser tattoo removal procedure or not is one trait of a professional tattoo removal artist. Many centers that have this kind of reputation are now listed in one place, in an online listing & you know why you should get to this first before heading to the next tattoo artist clinic?

When you went before to the tattoo clinic, you make sure that what you get is what you really want. You want to have the best quality designs for your tattoos, right? So, you go hop or do the usual drive &/or leg approach from one tattoo artist or gallery to another, looking for the best tattoo designs & thats how you end up with those breath-taking prints etched all over your body. But now, you’re looking for a clinic that can offer a surgical tattoo removal procedure because you want to eliminate those tattoos. Nobody knows definitely, for sure what reasons you have why you want this to happen but nevertheless, to ensure that you wont compromise your health & your skins health as well, its good that you’re looking for the best & the most trusted.

But because there are so a lot of tattoo removal centers all over the place, it would be a waste of money & time for you to go around, right? The right thing that you can do is to find online a tattoo removal drectory & find a long list of every tattoo surgical clinics. You might even find something near or within your area so that it wont be difficult & time-consuming for you.

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Phoenix Tattoos Pics and Meaning

Phoenix are a very popular tattoo design. Phoenix made as phoenix tribal tattoos or phoenix Celtic tattoos are also very popular.

The phoenix tattoo gallery features designs of phoenix combined with other design elements as well, such as flowers (roses, daisies / daisy, lilies / lily, hibiscus, vines), hearts, skulls, crosses, fairies / fairy, suns, moons, and stars. features phoenix tattoo designs in different styles such as new school / skool, old school / skool, and in many colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, as well as in black and white or black and gray / grey.

Phoenix tattoos can be tattooed as armbands / arm bands, lowerback / lower back pieces, on ankles, shoulders, the upperback area, chest. . . just about anywhere as body art.

People now commonly search online using the internet for phoenix tattoo flash (tattoo art / tattoo pictures) and this is a great source to find phoenix tattoos. First instinct is to find free phoenix tattoo designs, but the quality of these designs is generally pretty poor (you get what you pay for, of course).

When you find your PERFECT TATTOO DESIGN on and decide to purchase it, you get the image at full size and with stencils (aka line drawings, liners, outlines) that the tattooist needs to ink you. Tattoo Artists who create our tattoo flash get paid a royalty, so your purchase goes to support the flash artists to create more top quality tattoo artwork!
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Gun Tattoos

Gun tattoos are often seen as a tough symbol. They tend to be an emblem of strength and the security a person feels knowing that they are protected. Although this design is favored by men, many women also feel that this rugged symbol applies to the strong, unyielding nature of their own personality.

Many gun tattoos feature the weapon by itself. It is not unusual to see two guns placed on either hip, for easy access, as with a holster. They are also frequently seen along the top of each shoulder blade, or on the lower stomach, so as to give the appearance of being lodged below a person’s belt. Although it is quite common to see modern hand guns, shotguns, and even machine guns, it can be very unique to use a more antique equivalent. For instance, a long barreled Colt revolver from the 1800′s might make for an interesting choice. With this variety of gun, you could expand on your design by adding scroll work patterns to the barrel, gems and wood to the butt.

Some gun tattoos show the weapon in action. Fire could be bursting from the barrel; a bullet may be flying from the tip, and possibly piercing the skin of the wearer. Some people like their gun tattoos to depict a variety of meanings. An example of this would be to place a small, delicate flower blooming from the cold metal barrel of the gun. This could easily be a representation of peace, or show the contrast between the fragile beauty of life, and the hard reality of death.

Less common, but equally interesting, are gun tattoos featuring people. It is not unusual to see the image of a hunter or gangster brandishing his gun. Another example would of either a prim Victorian lady polishing her pearl handled pistol; or a curvy pulp fiction character pressing the silver muzzle of her revolver against bright red, pouty lips.

Although most gun tattoos are meant to convey the character of a determined personality, it is not unusual for them to also be an expression of duality, sensuality and potency.
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